Fluid SH - Channel Impeller Submersible Pump
Fluid SHI - Channel Impeller Immersible Pump
Fluid VSH - Channel Impeller Vertical Spindle Pump

Fluid Solids Handling Pumps, Channel Impeller Submersible Pumps, Channel Impeller Immersible Pumps, Channel Impeller Vertical Spindle Pumps


Submersible Pump - SSH.
Immersible Pump - ISH.
Vertical Spindle Pump - VSH.


SSH - Based on Standard Submersible Motors as in VX, SC, Series.
Multiple Impeller Options to meet Duty Point Demand.
Adjustable Suction Liner instead of Neck Rings.
T – Bolt instead of Drill and Taped fastening allow for Hard Wear Material Use.
Special Quatro Mechanical Seal fitted.
ISH – Immersible Oil cooled Stator Housing allow for Drainage down to Volute Level.
Oil Cooling Taking Place on special Back Cover inside Seal Housing.
VSH – Pump with same Wet End, Bearing Housing Quatro Mechanical Shaft Seal only with Shaft Extension and driven by Air Cooled Squirrel Cage Motor.

Mechanical Shaft Seal

Our specially designed Quatro Mechanical Shaft Seal allow for short over hang distance after D.E. Bearing to Impeller.
Tungsten Carbide / Tungsten Carbide (Motor End) and Tungsten Carbide / Tungsten Carbide (Impeller End) is fitted, with O-Rings sealing on Shaft at four places.
Spring Tension is achieved with Metal Bellow which allows for same consistent pressure throughout the Mechanical Shaft Seal arrangement. No tension variation as in conventional Spring Mechanical Seals where the wire size and coil length differs in every batch.
Oil Submerged Chamber for maximum lubrication and cooling. This arrangement allows for Dry Running without damage to the Mechanical Shaft Seal.
Furthermore the Quatro Mechanical Shaft Seal is pre-screened by two Oil Seals on Impeller Neck which also closes the cavity on Shaft through Back Cover.

Replaceable Back Cover

Not only a cost saver wear part, but also protects the Bearing / Oil Housing from transferred product wear and velocities in Volute.
Replacing allows for OME Clearance on Impeller to Back Cover.
Enable Axis to the Mechanical Seal without major disassemble.
Special Back Cover is used for ISH Pump to Cool Down Oil.


Closed Channel Open Impeller Types.

— 2-Vane 50mm Ø Through-let.
— 3-Vane 30mm Ø Through-let.
— 5-Vane 15mm Ø Through-let.
— 7-Vane 12mm Ø Through-let.

The Impeller is fitted to a Shaft Taper and is Key driven, which ensures a strong, high torque fit.
It also prevents the Impeller from turning loose if Pump Motor is run in wrong direction, as is the case with other Vertical Shaft Pumps.

Unique Concept

The Channel Impeller on the SH Range is not fitted with a Neck Wear Ring instead an adjustable Suction Liner. Clearance is adjusted to Impeller Intake. This concept allows for smooth Impeller entrance as well as outer Suction Liner Adjustment to Impeller.
Closer clearance tolerance is achieved than in the case of conventional Neck Wear Rings, as there is no influence of Impeller's Centrifugal forces.
No Removal of Impeller for Machining or Balancing is necessary in order to achieve OEM Clearances.

Cost Saver

Machine and re-balance of Impeller after fitting Wear Ring is unnecessary on the SH - Range as the Suction Liner is adjusted from the outside by means of push/pull concept. Very close accurate clearance is achieved with this concept.

Volute / Suction Liner

Fixed with Bolt Slots instead of Tapped Holes, which makes the use of Hard Wearing Material more convenient. Standard Bolts are used instead of T Bolts due to availability.
No warn damaged thread holes, broken off bolts or studs. All fasteners replaced with repair.


Different through-let Strainers are fitted, depending on the Impeller’s capability.

Installation Options

Submersible 30 meter.
Immersible 20 meter.

Vertical Spindle 1500mm Up to Motor Flange.
For deeper sumps or dams where flooding of motor is a possibility, the SSH Submersible Pump is available with the exact same Wet End (Impeller, Volute and Suction Liner).
Fluid Submersible Motors are used throughout the Range.

In the effect where the SSH Submersible Pump stands a chance of dry running the ISH Immersible Pump can be used, which is Oil Cooled. Oil is pumped from the Oil Housing, which circulates the Motor Stator Housing. The oil is cooled down in a specially designed Back Cover which acts as a Heat Sink.


Submersible Motor

— Poles: 2, 4, 6,8, 12.
— Voltage: 380/415, 50Hz; 525/550, 50Hz; 1000/1100, 50Hz.
— All Windings Class: H 180°C - B Temp Rise.
— Protection: IP68 @ 30m Submersible.

D.O.L. or Star Delta. Standard Length 10m. Longer length available on request.
Optional: Temperature Sensor. Water Ingress Sensor.

Immersible Motor

As in Submersible fitted with Cooling Jacket. Oil Cooled.
— Protection: IP68 @ 20m Immersible.
— Available in Ex dI/II B T4 Mb.

Vertical Spindle Motor

— Standard IEC B5 Flange.
— Voltage: 380/400/415, 50Hz; 525/550, 50Hz; 550/950, 50Hz.
— Poles: 2, 4, 6.
— Efficiency: Standard W22 / Premium W22.
— Insulation: Class F / Class H.
— Protection: IP 55 / IP 66.
— Explosion Proof: Ex db T4 Mb.

Materials / Composition

— Top Cover / Motor Casing: GG25 Cast Iron.
— Bearing Housing: SG40 Cast Iron.
— Back Cover: SG60 Cast Iron.
— Impeller: SG40 / CrMO102.
— Volute: SG40 / CrMO102.
— Shaft: 431 T.
— Fasteners: 404SS.
— Lifting Eye Bolts: 316 L.
— Cable: H07 - TR.
— Length: 10m STD. Options.
— Mechanical Shaft Seal: Quatro TC/TC Viton.
— O-Rings and Seals: Nitrile.
— Corrosion Protection: Epoxy Tar - System B Immerse Conditions, Two Pack 2K.

Typical Applications

— Sump Pump, where Solids and Sludge are present.
— Activated Sludge, Sludge Draw Off.
— Sludge, De-watering Underground Travel Ways, Transfer Dams.
— Mines Under Ground were Explosive Gasses are present. Ex.
— Mines were no Explosion Gasses are present.
— Steel Scale, Fly Ash, Cement Plants.
— Agriculture, Piggery, Dairy, Food Processing.
— Product Containing Sludge and Solids in Suspension.


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Fluid Solids Handling Pumps, Channel Impeller Submersible Pumps, Channel Impeller Immersible Pumps, Channel Impeller Vertical Spindle Pumps Fluid Solids Handling Pumps, Channel Impeller Submersible Pumps, Channel Impeller Immersible Pumps, Channel Impeller Vertical Spindle Pumps, Vertical Spindle Pump