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—Fluid Mixers

Fluid mixers are designed for a wide range of applications where mixing and blending of products as well as putting- and keeping solids in suspension are required.

Available in speed reduction or direct drive units.

Both designs are equipped with patented output shaft assembly where the propeller thrust is accommodated. This prolongs bearing life and extends service intervals.

The mixer can accommodate large propeller diameter for large volume mixing.

Angular contact bearings allow for any angle installation.

Guide bar system with index plate allows for wide angle at any depth mixing.

Self-cleaning propeller blades provide high efficiency low cost mixing.

Patented automatic sweeping action can be implemented to prevent "static unmixed zones".


Waste Water Plants:
• Biological Reactors
• Fermentation Tanks Ex
• Digesters Ex

• Heat treatment quenching tanks
• Chemical dosing

• Manure ponds
• Abattoirs

• Casing – GG25 / 361-L
• Propeller – PUR 90 / 316-L / SS 304
• Fasteners – ASTM A743 CF-304 / ASTM A743 CF-316
• Mechanical shaft seal, out of product in oil chamber
• Tungsten Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Nitrile Silicon, Silicon - Viton
• Tungsten Carbide, Tungsten Carbide – Metal Bellow

Motor kW: 4,2 to 24kW

Motor r.p.m.: 4, 6, 8 and 12 Pole

Voltage: 415 / 550V - 50Hz

Protection: IP68 @ 20 meters

Ex d: I/IIB+H2-T4 Approved

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Fluid Pumps, Fluid Mixers, Mixer Manufacturer