Dewatering Pump, Mining Sector, Fluid Pumps

—Dewatering Pump - DW

Pump designed for maximum cooling at low water level.

Equipped with cooling jacket which allows water flow past stator casing for optimum cooling.

Open impeller, suction liner or closed impeller for high head applications.

Wet end – all metal – no rubber bonding to metal problem.

Sealing: double mechanical shaft seal in oil chamber, out of product. Allows for an efficient sealing mechanism.

• GG25 / SG60 / CrM0102
• 316-L – special order – not production item

Head: To 170mH
Flow: To 220m³/hour
Voltage: 415 / 550 / 1100 - 50Hz


Raw water transfer
Dewatering – shaft sinking – open pit - haulages - travel ways

Combustible Coal Mine: Ex d:I-T4 - 150°C